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Planning a surprise honeymoon to Canada for my fiancè in July 2018

So I [f] am planning the entire honeymoon and would really like to see Canada. It's been a shared dream to visit Canada but clearly it's enormous and we can't do this in a 2 week trip AND relax for part of it.

I want to see Niagra Falls but only spend enough time there to do that then go somewhere less touristy.

My plan was to fly us to see Niagra Falls for the first 2/3 days of our honeymoon to see the falls and adjust to the time difference then fly to somewhere warm.

Questions I need answered:

1) where is a must-see in Canada 2) where can I go for some warm sunbathing weather with beautiful views 3) if we stay near a lake will it be inundated with bugs 4) are there any good hotel chains that give consistently good service 5) any other advice/information I need to know?

I'm planning it as a surprise, he won't know where we're going until we get on the plane, I'm packing our bags and paying for the entire thing 🙂 I'm actually really excited about planning this!! We're from the UK and have never been to Cananda.

TL;DR ideas for Canadian honeymoon for UK couple

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