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Planning honeymoon for Fall 2021, most likely Mexico and maybe split time in two locations?

My wife and I had to cancel our Aug 2020 wedding plans due to covid, and instead did a very small ceremony in Dec 2020. Initially we were considering doing a spring 2021 honeymoon, but are worried the resorts will be poorly staffed, and that alot of the 'activity' options wouldn't be available due to covid so I'm looking now to organize something later in the year in the hopes it might be a little more fun/open.

We would be flying out of the SF bay area, and while I'm very well traveled my wife has only left the US mainland twice (one to PR to tag along on a work trip, and once to Germany and Prague for a big family trip in 2019. Looking at some of the previous suggestions in this subforum, I was kinda thinking maybe 4 nights somewhere like San Jose del Cabo (Secrets Puerto Los Cabos is the current front runner), and then maybe fly over to the Cancun area for another 4-5 nights and then fly home (most likely not in the super busy are 'hotel zone', either a bit north like Excellence Playa Mujeres, or south like Playa del Carmen area?)

I'm looking for some feedback/opinions/resort suggestions for both areas, and any other savy advice (is fall a bad time, someone indicated its rainy seasons? Are some of these all inclusive resorts failing after 2020, I've read some bad post-covid reviews on secrets cabo?) Most likely dates right now would be mid Nov. 2021…I'm not super strict on budget, but can't spend like over $1000/night anywhere. Looking at flights it appears I can find a cheap and direct flight to Cabo, and a direct flight home to the bay area from Cancun. Flights from Cabo to Cancun (or vice versa) appear to all have a stop in Mexico City.

Any recommendations for the Atlantic side/cancun area resorts is most welcome… my thinking in splitting our time was to offer some warmer water and more activities (go see Mayan ruins ect) in Cancun, and go to Cabo just to see a different side of things, maybe more golf and less people around (its also close to home and seems overall less expensive than Cancun)

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