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Planning Honeymoon in Central America (PLS HELP!)


My fiancee (27) and I (31) are planning a 2-week trip for our honeymoon this summer. In the past, when we have taken 2 week trips we've divided the trip into 2 parts. For this go round, we thought about trying out an all-inclusive resort for the first time. However, the more we thought about it we realize that staying at a resort for that long would get boring, as we both enjoy exploring the city and what each location has to offer. As such, we were trying to see if it would be possible to do a 5-day stay in a resort and the remainder of the trip in neighboring cities, using Airbnb. Therefore, we want advice on a resort that is fun enough on its own but also near enough to other fun cities to then explore afterward.

  1. What's a recommended resort for Mexican areas such as Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen etc? We are also open to Costa Rica.
  2. What are some recommended neighboring cities that are worth exploring for after we are done with the resort? We like good local eats, drinks, some touristy spots, scenic views, and watersports.

A little more context: My fiancee speaks Spanish, hence why we're aiming to stay in Central America.

Thanks in advance!

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