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Planning Honeymoon Mid-July

I'm planning my honeymoon for mid-July. Initially was all set to book Negril, Jamaica, but with recent travel advisory upgrades from the US, thinking we might just hold off on going to Jamaica for a bit. I've been to Negril before and love the beautiful beaches on Seven Mile. Looking for an AI with great value and comparable or, dare I say, better beach than Negril. Looking to stay in the Carribbean, as we don't want to deal with crazy travel from the US, and I know this is the start of hurricane season, as well…I've looked at Aruba, of course, since it's mostly out of the hurricane belt. I'm not privy to the Bahamas, Mexico, or Punta Cana, and I like St. Lucia, however, flights when researched were really costly/lots of layovers. Otherwise, I'm not super familiar with a lot of the small islands. We are mainly trying to stay on resort and be beach bums– drinking and eating out hearts out, with one or two fun excursions. Any other recommendations? I'm open to Sandals that are on the more budget-friendly side, but would still want to get value…trying to stay at a budget of $8k with air. Thanks in advance. 🤗

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