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PLEASE help – Greece (&maybe Croatia) Honeymoon

I really need to book soon but am having difficulty deciding. Please help. 16 days – 2 weeks & 2 days for travel.

Going to Greece for our honeymoon, but really want to understand what is too much or too little. Do not want to go to islands that are too similar as well. These are the places in Greece I have looked at so far:

  1. Athens – one night flying in & one night at the end?
  2. Corfu
  3. Santorini (a must I think?)
  4. Chaina, Crete (only Chania)
  5. Milos
  6. Syros
  7. Sifnos
  8. Naxos
  9. Ios
  10. Patmos – would love to see the “Greek Jerusalem”
  11. Meteora seems AMAZING, but maybe inconvenient to add in?

I’m so overwhelmed. Which do you recommend? I don’t want to do too much.

On top of that, the original plan was to go to Croatia for like 3 nights. Or maybe even Montenegro. Would love to see it. Should I still try to do this? Maybe two areas in Greece & then move over to that area? I’m also open to Positano.

Thank you in advance!

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