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Pros and Cons about Honeymoon destinations for a ~ first-time traveller going in August

I'm getting married soon and we've been looking at some honeymoon destinations. We've only been to Dubai and Turkey, so we'd like to go somewhere different for a change.

I've looked at some threads already:

Countries we've looked at:

  • Mauritius
  • Bali/Indonesia
  • Maldives
  • Seychelle

Here are some pinpoints about what we'd like and what we wouldn't like

  • We mostly wanna eat good food, chill, maybe sight-see or visit some tourist attractions and enjoy beautiful scenery

  • We'd like some beach-side view that's private/isolated

  • Other than privacy, we'd like the resort or cabin or villa to have a beautiful view.

  • We've seen some videos of some floating breakfast in private pools, so that's definitely something we wanna try out.

  • We'd appreciate good service

  • We prefer weather that is not cold, but we're okay with some rain

kosher/halal food is highly appreciated

In terms of activities:

  • One of us isn't good at diving
  • We don't care much for riding elephants or feeding baby sharks
  • If there are other activities like amusement parks or some hands-and-crafts things we can do like creating something, that should be interesting.

P.S., we are not big fans of insects.

When it comes to our budget, we have some leeway but it may be a maximum of $2800 excluding flight tickets, but we haven't really looked at prices too much. If we can get most of what we're looking for for a lower price, that'd be amazing – I'm not looking to spend all $2800 unless it's worth it.

Extra points: do you think it's better to travel with a travel agency or on our own? We've heard that travel agencies can get some good deals that include a place to stay, travel tickets, food, activities, etc, so we're not sure about this.

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