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Puerto Rico in February?

My husband & I got married this past summer, but wanted to hold off on going somewhere tropical until the colder months here (Northern New England area). We have decided on the last week of February, which also works out well due to childcare for our daughter.

I get some anxiety around traveling in places I'm not familiar with, mainly getting to and from the airport. We are looking into Puerto Rico due to any potentially lingering COVID restrictions. We both have passports but aren't really willing to travel outside of the US in case we got stuck somewhere and couldn't get home for our daughter.

I have scoured the internet for what feels like forever, reading article upon article and nothing is really catching my attention. Do any of you have hidden gems that you would recommend looking into?

– Beach / water front room

– All inclusive (?)

– $6-9k budget including flights from BOS (I know this is a wide range, we currently have a little over $6000 set aside but are willing to spend more for the right location)

Thanks in advance!

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