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Rate my honeymoon plans: Mallorca/Ibiza & Portugal

Hi everyone,

My fiancée and have just about finished planning our honeymoon and hoping to get some thoughts / suggestions. We've built the itinerary around 2 stylistic choices: 1) Islands off the coast of Spain (checking off a few honeymoon items for my fiancée) and 2) Going to Portugal (this is mostly for me but we're both big wine and Port fans). I have been given a large amount of autonomy to plan this, so naturally I'm coming to Reddit for external validation.

Current plans:

May 20th: Arrive in Mallorca in the evening

May 20th – May 24th: Hang out around Mallorca (various activities around the island)

May 24th: Transfer to Ibiza

May 24th – May 26th: Ibiza transfer to Lisbon

May 26th – May 29th: Hang out in Lisbon

May 29th: Transfer to Porto

May 29th – June 1st: Hang out in Porto & Douro Valley (all things wine)

June 2nd: Fly home

Is this trying to do too much? We originally had Barcelona instead of Lisbon, but figured we'd keep the option open to come back for a fuller Spain trip. Some issues I'm worried about:

  1. Don't think there are any direct flights from Ibiza to Lisbon, so that might be a bit longer of a travel day
  2. Not enough time in Ibiza relative to the other areas
  3. Not enough time in Porto to get out into the Douro Valley
  4. Simply too much jumping around from place to place. Seems potentially exhausting (mostly for my fiancée). There seem to be differing methodologies on people's preferences for seeing tons of places vs not, and we've historically enjoyed longer durations in fewer spots

Thanks in advance!

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