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12 full days in Spain. Flying from JFK into Barcelona and flying out of Madrid to JFK.

September 2nd-September 4th: Barcelona (3 full days)

September 5th-September 7th: Ibiza (3 full days)

September 8th- September 12th: Seville (3.5 days)

September 13th: Madrid (1 day to fly back)

Is this too crowded or well-paced? Our goal is to stroll around the markets, walk around aimlessly while admiring the architecture, eat good food and drink good alcohol. Spend lots of time on the beach and party for a couple of days. We want to spend minimal time going to museums (which is why we only allotted 2.5 days for Madrid).

Edited to add: will now be spending 3.5 days in Seville and 1 day in Madrid as opposed to initial plan of 2.5 days in Seville and 2.5 days in Madrid

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