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Recently divorced sister crashing mini- honeymoon pls help me on what to do

Hello everyone, this is my first time writing on Reddit, and I find myself facing a dilemma as I am going on vacation. Recently, my sister went through a horrible divorce, ending her marriage to her new husband of 1 1/2 year. They don’t share children but she has a child from previous marriage.

On the day my sister's divorce was finalized, she took immediate action and booked flights for herself and her 5-year-old son to the same destination even same hotel my husband and I had planned to visit.

What surprised me further was that she specifically reached out to my husband when she couldn't get in touch with me, inquiring about the dates of our trip. It became evident that she was keen on joining us in the same destination.

To provide some context, my husband and I have been happily married for a year and a half. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, we were unable to embark on a honeymoon immediately after our wedding. This upcoming trip holds significant importance for us as it marks our first vacation together since getting married. The fact that we couldn't afford a post-wedding vacation makes this trip even more special and meaningful for us

While we understand my sister's desire to escape her problems and provide her son with positive experiences after the divorce, her sudden intrusion has caught us off guard. We had meticulously planned and saved for this trip, cherishing it as a much-anticipated break.

Lately, it has become apparent that my sister tends to act impulsively. This pattern was evident when she hastily married her now-divorced husband just 15 days after my own wedding, inadvertently overshadowing the joy and significance of my special day.

As I reflect on past events, my sister who had been present during most of my dress shopping excursions, were secretly trying on wedding gowns in the. While she initially claimed it was just for fun, I now know it was for her own personal reasons. At the time, I had no knowledge of her impending wedding plans.

This history further adds complexity to the current situation, as I navigate between wanting to support my sister during this difficult time and preserving the integrity of the plans my husband and I had established to celebrate our love.

In light of these circumstances, I turn to the Reddit community seeking advice and guidance. How can we navigate this sensitive situation with empathy, establishing clear boundaries while considering my sister's needs? Is there a way to find a balance between supporting her and preserving the importance of this trip for my own relationship? I just feel so awkward han holding and being cuddly with my husband in front her to not trigger her. And I also feel bad leaving her all alone in the city with a toddler.

Your valuable insights and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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