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Recommend Curacao, and other stops around Latin and South America?


My fiancée and I are planning a honeymoon in September 2023, and we are thinking about spending a chunk of it in Curacao. We will be travelling from the Washington, D.C. area. We just had a few questions for anyone familiar with that part of the world.

We have about two weeks, and we'd like to do a hybrid of relaxing at a luxurious/higher-end resort, with a bit of exploring.

Question 1: Do you recommend Curacao?

From everything I've read, for mid/late September, Curacao is a great option as it is outside of the hurricane zone, and the weather remains sunny and hot for the most part. Are there any other islands in that area you would recommend over Curacao?

Question 2: Advice on Adding an Additional Stop

We were planning on spending around 5-6 days in Curacao (or another island nearby), but we'd like to add another 4-5 day stop. My first thoughts are Colombia (Bogota, Medellin or Cartagena), Guatemala, Panama City and Puerto Rico, but we are very open-minded and would like to go somewhere with rich culture and history. Although we'd love to visit Argentina and some of the southern countries, they are likely a bit too far for us given our timeline. Any advice would be helpful – both in terms of recommended destinations, but also what may be most realistic in terms of flights and travel from the Caribbean / DC.

Thanks for your help!

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