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Recommendations for a tropical honeymoon

My fiancé and I are getting married this August and would like to go somewhere tropical the following winter. We are planning to go somewhere between January – April. We’ve both agreed we would love to do tropical because we live in a place where winter seems to never end!

That being said, we also agreed Mexico is out of question. A lot of our friends and family travel there frequently so we would ideally like to save that trip for a later down the road. We have tons of information so that will be easy to plan.

What we are struggling with is picking a destination. I suggested Fiji but we would have about 18-20 hours of flight time. It is still on option but it’s not a first choice.

Some basic requirements we have are an adult only resort, good food, nice beaches, and all inclusive (ideally but not deal breaker). I also like the idea of over water bungalows or suites with a private pool or hot tub.

Our budget is flexible. Both of our parents are giving us money for this trip as our wedding gift and we also have a fund started.

Let us know what you’d recommend!

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