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Recommendations for Italy + Greece Honeymoon please!

Hi there!

We are looking to book a trip to Italy/Greece for our honeymoon in October '24. This will be our first time in Europe and we are seeking recommendations on how to best utilize the time. As much as I would like to see everything/do everything, we would really like to incorporate relaxing, great food, and scenery as much as possible. We're coming from the NJ/NYC area so not as interested in the hustle and bustle for this trip specifically.

I was thinking something along the lines of flying to Florence and then spending time in Tuscany… it sounds nice to be in the countryside drinking wine but is it easily accesible? or flying into Rome and going to Ravello/another Amalfi Coast town that isn't Positano. From there, would fly into Athens, head to Santorini/another island (prob not Mykonos) and then fly back out of Athens. Would love to hear any and all advice on the pros and cons!

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