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Recommendations for SE Asia around the holidays

Hi there! I'm having trouble figuring out my honeymoon and would love recommendations. My husband gets very little time off of work, so we unfortunately have to travel during the Christmas holidays, which I usually avoid like the plague. We have about 3 weeks starting around December 20, and we'd like to travel in SE Asia, ideally at least spending some of the time in Vietnam.

I've taken a lot of trips to SE Asia, but usually in months that had better weather, and never at Christmastime. We like summer-like weather, but it seems like a lot of regions may be experiencing cooler or rainy weather during that time. I'm also worried about excessive crowds and/or prices, though that may be unavoidable.

Does anyone have any recommendations for regions/towns/even specific hotels or experiences in SE Asia that would be ideal or at least good to do in late Dec/early Jan? We like natural beauty- mountains, beaches, riding bikes or mopeds, doing relatively easy hiking, oh, and being pampered, it being our honeymoon and all. 🙂 We're less into big cities, but we're pretty big foodies, so may be up for spending a little time in a pleasant city where we can eat well. I realize this is a kind of vague question, but just feeling kind of lost so hoping to find some inspiration. Thanks so much in advance!

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