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Recommendations for where to stay for honeymoon in Bali

Hi all! My fiance and I are leaning the most toward staying in Bali for our May 2025 honeymoon. There’s a lot of info on where to stay, and I’m starting to feel overwhelmed by it all. I’m writing this post to hopefully get some recommendations for where to stay.

Goals for the itinerary: we want to be in Bali for 10 nights. We are thinking to split the trip up into 2 halves (5 nights in one location, and 5 in another).

Location 1: the first location should be somewhere in close proximity to hikes and waterfalls. We both really loved staying by a volcano when we visited Costa Rica, so bonus points if it’s within driving distance of a volcano. Any recommendations for thermal pools would be awesome too

Location 2: on a white sand beach for relaxing. We prefer to be at a beach that has some other stuff going on (e.g., cool shops, local sites, etc.) we are also interested in doing day trips to other smaller islands, so bonus points if location 2 is close to a ferry for an island hopping tour.

What’s not important to us: we don’t drink alcohol or party, so the bar/club scene is not important to us. We prefer to stay out of that vibe (avoiding seminyak, cangu and kuta).

Other considerations: we are open to staying on another island if it’s highly recommended. I’ve heard a lot about the Gili islands and other small islands. However, I’m not sure if they’re actually worth going to. Note, we don’t want the trip to become too stressful with a lot of additional travel to different island if they’re overrated.

I really appreciate all your help! 🙏

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