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Relaxing vibes for under $3k?

This isn't technically a honeymoon, since I got married a few years ago. It's actually a graduation trip, celebrating my masters degree. But it's just gonna be my husband and me, and we're looking for relaxing, romantic vibes. So I figured you guys would be the most helpful.

Budget: $3k total including flights. I'd like to take advantage of Black Friday deals if I can.

Flying out of: Houston, TX

Time frame: I'd like to do 4-5 nights in late May or early June.

Wants: Good food, good booze, peace and quiet, and I really want a spa either at the hotel or nearby. I'm looking for beaches and/or hot springs. I'm open to lakes. I'm not too picky, I'm just not much of a hotel-pool person unless it's adults-only. I'm not looking for a super-adventurous, super-planned trip. I just want to vibe.

Don't wants: Cruises, party atmospheres, anything gambling/casino-heavy.

Any recommendations?

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