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Resort Recommendations – St. Lucia August 2022

Hi all! We are getting married next August, and we are interested in going to St. Lucia for our honeymoon. We are looking for all-inclusive resort recommendations on the island. Here is more information: -Hoping to keep budget under $5k, including airfare -We are traveling from the Midwest, USA -Only staying for 5 nights -Ideally airport transfers included -Must haves: direct beach access, solid food options, hopefully craft beer, and hoping to have activities available like golf, kayaking, etc.

I’ve been looking at resorts offered through Costco Travel and Sandals. Are these solid places to look/book? Should I be looking elsewhere? What recommendations do you have for any resorts? Alternatively, with that criteria should we be looking elsewhere in the Caribbean? Any thoughts on resorts would be greatly appreciated – thanks!

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