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Reviews on Sandals South Coast

Hello! I am looking into booking a room at Sandals South Coast for my honeymoon this September/October, but interested in hearing some reviews. How is the beach and the food/drinks mostly? I love Sandals Antigua based on photos I’ve seen and have heard the beach is beautiful, but the flights from my area to Antigua are just out of our budget. I have a friend who took her honeymoon at Sandals Grande St. Lucian a few years ago and didn’t have a great experience, plus said the food wasn’t that great especially for the price, so kind of avoiding that location as well.

I love the idea of all-inclusive for the convenience and “relaxation” factor (after planning a wedding, we want to relax with a little bit of excursions mixed in). Any thoughts or advice appreciated! Also looking into Aruba but I have been told to avoid AI there and I am kind of leaning towards wanting an AI for the reasons mentioned above. Looking to stay 6-7 nights and flying out of Detroit, MI if that helps also. Budget around 5-6k including flights if possible!

TLDR; looking for all-inclusive honeymoon recommendations for 6-7 nights flying out of Detroit, MI in September/Oct 2022 with a budget of 5-6k including flights if possible.

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