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Rooms/villas with private and secluded plunge pools.

My fiancée and I are on the hunt for an amazing resort experience that offers rooms or villas with private plunge pools. We're all about that extra touch of luxury and seclusion. However, what really sets our hearts racing is the idea of enjoying our private plunge pool in the most liberating way – skinny-dipping and sunbathing in the nude. 🌞🌊

While we're dreaming of a destination like Jade Mountain, we're also trying to be mindful of our budget in order to stretch our time on property and are open to suggestions that are more affordable while still offering that perfect mix of privacy and relaxation. Our ideal getaway would allow us to bask in the sun au naturel without any worries about prying eyes. We are both too shy to lay out on a public beach that is clothing optional so that eliminates some options.

We have been doing our own research, but it’s very difficult to tell from online pictures if a room at a resort such as Hermitage Bay, Serenity or even Sandals provided the level of privacy we are hoping for.

We'd love to hear about any hidden gems or well-known resorts that you've personally experienced or heard about.

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