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Sandals La Toc (St. Lucia) Review

My husband and I went on our honeymoon to St.Lucia and stayed at Sandals La Toc. From the moment you arrive at the airport you are treated like Sandals customers. The airport is small and not what most people would be used to, so we were so happy to be able to hang out in the Sandals lounge after a long travel day while we waited for the car to take us to the resort. It is clean, comfortable, and there are snacks/drinks provided. (**Speaking of the car ride it's long (if you fly into the far airport) and windy! If you get car sick – take precautions!)

Once at the resort you immediately feel the vacation-vibe as they hand you a glass of champagne and offer you a seat to review your trip. Something that really stood out to my husband and I about the entire trip was how NICE everyone was! This feels somewhat strange as an American who is used to people being nice for tips. Sandals does not allow you to tip anyone.

The resort itself is beautiful. There are definitely areas that need updating or a good power washing, haha, but nothing that felt "icky". They clean your room every day (even if they miss the chance because you were in the room they will come back when you go out to dinner and clean up – it's amazing!) and they also restock your mini fridge.

There are three pools. The main pool has a pool bar and music (usually a DJ) starting around 11ish each day. My husband and I really enjoyed the other pool that was located near the Piton restaurant. We called it the "quiet pool". We did not visit the third pool. I liked having options. If we felt the "party" mood we went to the main pool, but if we just wanted to relax we went to the quiet pool.

On the topic of restaurants – I am vegan and was PLEASANTLY surprised that every place I went to eat had vegan options! I went into this vacation thinking I'd be eating tiny salads and fries all week but that was not the case at all. I loved every dish I had. My husband is a meat-eater and said all of his food was just "good" (nothing to write home about), but I think that's to be expected with an all inclusive. All of the drinks we had were delicious!

The beach was beautiful and nicely maintained. It's steps away from the pool so it was easy to go back and forth.

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