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Sandals Resort Basic Free Wedding Experience

(I know this is a subreddit for honeymoons, but because I've seen posts about sandals resorts and I'm dealing with a Sandals wedding + honeymoon combo, I thought I'd shoot my shot here)

My gf and I are at the very early stages of planning our wedding + honeymoon at a Sandals resort 3 years from now. I'm hoping to get thoughts from folks who took advantage of the "free" weddings they offer to get a feel for how basic or premium people's wedding experiences were.

For context, we're staying at the resort for 2 weeks at a cost of $20.3k . Because of airfare from the US + other fees (i.e. government fees, her dress, my tux, etc ), we don't want to spend much to customize our wedding beyond the standard inclusions that come for "free."

We also haven't talked to a Sandals Wedding consultant yet, but that'll happen later this week.

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