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Sandals Resort (Grande St. Lucian) – A few questions before booking

Okay, so the fiancé and I have decided that we would like to go to the Grande Saint Lucian Sandals Resort for our honeymoon. With that being said, we are looking into the November time frame. We pretty much know that we are going to have a great time know matter what, but there are a few questions I'd like to ask anyone who may know details before booking. So, on to them!!!

  • Do the rooms really matter?
    • We are most likely looking into one of the club level rooms since they come with room service. We know we are not going to be in the room during the day as much as we will be enjoying the island and what it has to offer. As for the cheaper rooms, they pretty much look the same, but do not come with room service, and they view is probably not as good, although I don't think the view is that important. Is it worth saving some money, or just send it?
  • Does it matter what days of the week you travel on?
    • We found a cheaper date range which starts on a Wednesday and goes until the next Friday. Other date ranges were from a Friday/Saturday to the next weekend. Would we miss anything to do with the lifestyle of the resort?
  • What are some of the extra amenities, ones you may have to pay for, that are absolutely worth it?
    • I've heard we must do a helicopter ride. There was some sort of hike that a boat takes you to (I'm not sure of the details, but I'm sure it's on the interwebs, somewhere). Any ideas would be appreciated!

Realistically, it doesn't matter if we have to spend a little extra for something that may be worth it. We are just trying to be smart with our money (as we are paying for everything).

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