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Sandals resort or a Cruise?

We have decided a Sandals all inclusive will be best for our honeymoon based on our budget. We are planning for August of 2023, and are aware that in the event of a hurricane or TS brewing we would reschedule. We are planning to stay for 8 days and as of now have it booked for Grande St. Lucia, but are considering switching to Royal Bahamian or one of the resorts in Jamaica. Neither one of us have been outside of the US, so we aren’t exactly sure of what we’ll enjoy. We drink but not like crazy, and neither of us enjoy smoking. Our main things we want to do are snorkeling with a great marine life such as turtles, tropical fish, etc. We would enjoy waterskiing and the paddle boards as well. The offsite excursions seem more affordable and in line with our interests at St. Lucia, such as zip lines, horse backing and ATV tours, but Jamaica has all of those as well (minus the volcano in St. Lucia.) We have a regular Club Level room booked in St. Lucia for about $5200, but could get a Beachfront Walkout possibly with a pool for the same money in Jamaica. We are a little hesitant about Jamaica because of the Travel Advisory warning due to heavy crime apparently. Can anyone whose stayed at multiple Sandals or has more experience chime in? We have 2 toddlers and will be one of the only out of the country trips we get for the near foreseeable future, so I really want to check all of the boxes.

We are also considering a cruise, but it would be our first and I would hate to get on a boat for a week just to find out I hate it. Plus side being we could see multiple locations but the days at sea don’t sound like the most exciting thing.

Can anyone offer any advice to help us close in on our decision, anything helps!!!

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