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Santorini local workers are Rude people. Avoid the bus.

If you are planning to go to Santorini have an extra money for taxi. The bus company here is absurd. Employees are rude and they are straight up garbages. Someone grabbed our luggage in one of the stops and when we arrived at the main station in Fira, we were panicking and extremely stressed out because my wifes bag has about $5000 worth of stuff on that bag. LV bags, makeups and clothes. I rushed to ask the lady who collects the payments, she was angry I was asking her! Like wtf? She was like, “I dont know!” “Do whatever you want!”, “ask someone else!” I asked so many questions same to the driver and they didnt give a single fck! Same for the lady working at the office ticket window. I literally had to beg just for her to tAke our phone number incase someone brings our luggage. Man, this town is horrible. I thought Paris has rude people but no, this town is even worst. Greece is beautiful too bad these people are trash.

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