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Scandinavian Adventure Honeymoon

Hi all! We're honeymooning June 9-21ish, 2024 and considering–in order of preference–Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. We've never been outside the U.S.

I've done extensive research (even r/travel's destination-guides) on Norway specifically–everything from cruises to flying around to driving–but given we only have 11 days and don't want them to be consumed by travel, I'm curious about your all's thoughts on the best 2-3 places to stay for:

  • Hiking, lots of hiking (we're from CO and don't mind something arduous).
  • Charming towns where we can get by on mediocre Norwegian.
  • A cabin weekend/Secret Life of Walter Mitty-kind of experience.
  • Ocean – sea kayaking, ferries, mini cruises, whatever.
  • Culture – we want to be immersed in things we'll never experience in America.
  • Keeping the trip to $3,500-4,000, exc. airfare.

Geiranger, Tromsø, Lofoten Islands, Flåm, and Stavanger pique our interests the most, but they're clearly spread out.

We're under 25 but don't mind renting a vehicle if it makes things easier.

Looking forward to your all's expertise,

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