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Searching for honeymoon destination

Hi all! I just joined this sub because I’m not sure where else to go.

My fiancé and I are getting married on October 26th this year (yay!) but we’ve been neglecting on making our honeymoon plans official. We plan to go from October 28-November 2nd the week after our wedding.

At first we decided on Nova Scotia, Canada, but a lot of things seem to close early for the off season (understandable, I live near Kelly’s Island in Ohio and the island closes down mostly in October). I was also worried about the weather being too cold. Then I thought about Cape Cod area in Massachusetts, but I’m also worried about the same thing. My fiancé and I aren’t exactly beach people but I think we might have to consider a beach vacation for it being so late in the year. I was thinking of Aruba or maybe somewhere in the Florida Keys for a more beach vibe.

We enjoy the outdoors and anything with hiking would be great for us. Any fun activities outside resorts are something I would consider (that aren’t bike riding, unfortunately my fiancé does not know how to ride a bike).

Any beach and non-beach recommendations will be great- or if I’m wrong about Nova Scotia & Cape Cod and we should go there for our honeymoon, let me know! We mostly want to stick to US and Canada because of travel cost.

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