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Seattle + San Juan Islands + Victoria in October 2024

My fiancé and I got engaged in February, and are getting married September 28th. Short engagement, but his family helped me plan the wedding so now I can plan our honeymoon! We plan to have our honeymoon October 1st – 8th or in the spring (April/May). We will fly in from MSP, and get a rental car.

Activities – Orca watching, light hiking, and sightseeing.

Locations – I'd like to spend maybe two days at each spot.

Fly in (10/1) and out (10/8) of Seattle. Hiking and sightseeing.

San Juan Islands – stay in Friday Harbor. Orca watch tour. Hiking?


I've read through old forums on other websites, so I have a few ideas for our itinerary. Any recommendations on where to go first, hiking sports, restaurants, and places to stay?

Thank you!

Update: We hope to spend under $4,000. This is probably unlikely. Never mind on Portland.

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