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Seeking charming, cultural honeymoon destination. Thinking Scotland, Ireland, London, Croatia, or Portugal. Thoughts and experiences wanted!

Wedding: July 23, 2023 / Honeymoon: ~July 26, 2023 (two weeks)Budget: $6k-10kOrigination: Minneapolis, MN

I'm narrowing down honeymoon locations and would love some first-hand feedback from this excellent community! My fiance and I have not been able to travel abroad together (our first international trip to Italy was cancelled due to the pandemic) so we are excited for this opportunity together. He's never been abroad and I've only been to Japan (six months, study abroad), South Korea, and Hong Kong (both briefly). While I'd LOVE to go back for our honeymoon, we both want to go somewhere new to both of us. That said, we are definitely seeking something with more culture and history over resort and relaxation (though there's certainly nothing wrong with that!).

When we envision our honeymoon, we see ourselves soaking in culture and history while eating, drinking, and walking our way through cities (we're not really the beach/resort type), our favorite way to explore! Since we'll be honeymooning during peak travel and honeymoon season, we're trying to avoid the hottest destinations, such as Greece (though would love to visit someday). We'd love a balance of sightseeing/exploring, adventure, and relaxation. We prefer to be active on vacations though are not seeking strenuous hikes, for example.

After pouring over Reddit threads and doing a healthy amount of research, I've narrowed down to Scotland, Ireland, London, Croatia, or Portugal. If you've traveled or honeymooned to any of these places, I would love to hear more about your time, any must-do's, and/or anything you would have done differently. I'm also still open to considering other destinations. Pictures are a major bonus!

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