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Selecting a destination.

Hi, me and my fiancé are getting married in September and are looking to go on honeymoon later in that month. FYI we’re both flying alone for the first time so I maybe overthinking. 😅 I’ve been given the responsibility of sorting the honeymoon out but can’t seem to decide a place. We’re from the UK and only have a week to ourselves due to work etc. So I was thinking somewhere which is relatively close and doesn’t tire us out from just travel and allows us to enjoy the destination. I’ve shortlisted three places: Greece (Santorini), Turkey (City TBD), Morocco (City TBD). So far Greece is most likely to be chosen as I’m looking at Airbnb’s. (Because they have private pools and that’s something we’re looking for.) I was wondering if that’s a good “minimoon” destination. Thanks!

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