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September 2021 honeymoon

My fiancé and I have rescheduled our wedding a few times due to covid but are sticking with our September 23 2021 date! My problem is we were planning to do a cruise, it was paid in full and was just cancelled by the cruise company a few weeks ago due to itinerary changes. I had my heart set on a cruise and my fiancé was super excited, but I’m afraid to re-book and get cancelled on again. So I’m now looking into all inclusive resorts in the Carribean but it’s overwhelming. Would like to keep it under 5k, somewhere we could do fun water activities or excursions but also relax and drink. It’s my fiancé’s first big vacation and I want to make it special. I’ve heard really good things about Aruba but I don’t know where to stay or what kind of things there are to do or visit there. Open to any other places or suggestions!

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