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September 2022 Honeymoon

Hey everyone!

I was hoping to get some input on travel options for our honeymoon I am planning.

Things we are looking for

-Beach -All Inclusive -Activities (Zip line, Jet Ski, Parasail, and Catamaran type stuff) -Multiple restaurants if possible

Things about us -Early 30’s -Would prefer adult only or privacy options -Flying out of Newark NJ -Both vaccinated if it matters. -Budget would be around 5K to 7K with flight.

My Research -I’ve focused heavily on Caribbean for the most part. -St Maarten is an option right now as the most affordable. -My fiancé loved Jade Mountain but it’s out of our price range it seems. We loved it for the privacy but also the access to beach and activities. -Rendezvous Resort in St Lucia seems like a possibility but the website isn’t totally selling me on it.

If anyone has questions feel free to ask!

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