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september budget ‘moon!!

my fiancé and I are getting married the first weekend of september, 2023, and I'm trying to figure out where we can go for a honeymoon but really struggling to check all the boxes, and today I remembered that hurricane season exists and I just feel like I can't figure out where to go or where to look!

Here's our situation: We really want to go right after our wedding, so it would have to be early September in New England (Boston or Hartford airports would be closest). I like the idea of an all inclusive resort on the beach somewhere! I'm already so stressed from wedding planning (I'm also in grad school, hence the need for budget! lol) that it would be great to not have to worry about planning. I think realistically our budget is $3k. I'm also interested in Italy since my fiancé speaks italian but Im not sure how realistic that is…..

Any and all advice is appreciated! My mom has a Costco card so I've mostly just looked there.

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