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September Honeymoon Suggestions

Crossposting from r/weddingplanning – didn’t realize this sub existed!

My fiancé and I were originally planning to hold off on our honeymoon given COVID uncertainties, but with things now seeming more open, and a family member of ours offering some financial assistance, we are revisiting the potential of honeymooning the first two weeks of September this year. We’re a little bit stumped on where to go. Thailand seemed like a neat option until our friend mentioned it is monsoon season. We liked it because it sounded like it offered a lot of really neat outdoor adventures, while also giving us a place to relax.

About us: not big drinkers, so vineyards and whatnot are not really our thing. We both really enjoy hiking, biking, running, walking, snorkeling, skiing, surfing, etc. Really anything outdoors, especially if it is scenic. We’re not super into touring cities, and tend to choose scenic adventures over historical artifacts, though the amalfi coast sounds appealing (because it is so scenic!).

Our wedding is on the East Coast, but we live on the West Coast (US), so our departure can be from either coast, but we will likely return to the West Coast post-honeymoon.

Ideally, we’d love a place where we can combine adventure with relaxation – where it is safe for us to run around on our own and see the sights, but also able to spend time just relaxing. Since we have 11-13 days, it feels like an ideal time to travel somewhere a bit farther we are less likely to go in the future, but we are pretty open to wherever.

Budget wise, we don’t have a specific budget in mind but are hoping to get a good “bang for our buck”. We loved Kauai and may go back there if nothing else pans out, but also thought it would be fun to try somewhere new (plus Kauai is quite expensive).

Would love to hear about anyone with experience honeymooning in September / any tips or location recommendations!

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