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Sicily vs Mallorca vs Greek Islands

Hello! I am clearly very indecisive as you can see from my title! My fiancé and I went to Rome, capri and positano last year and absolutely loved it. It was both our first times in Europe (we are east coast Americans). We had a great mix of food, wine, relaxation, beaches and exploring the culture/sights.

We are getting married in April 2025 and looking for a May or June honeymoon destination. We fell so in love with the amalfi coast’s beauty and food, that we are highly considering heading back to Italy, but to either Sicily or Sardinia for honeymoon. I know Sicily has more culture and towns/food to explore, but Sardinia is so famous for its gorgeous beaches and water. Both I hear would probably require a driver or rented car.

On another note, I’m thinking maybe we should see another country altogether and go for the Greek islands, or Mallorca Spain. Any avid Europe travelers have any insight? If we did the amalfi coast already, will Sicily be too similar ? I don’t mean to sound ignorant or naive as I know they are completely different places in the country. We will probably have around 2 weeks to play with. Thank you!!

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