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So we decided !…but need help again

Hi everyone, Me and the Mrs are going out honeymoon in mid August! After loads of consideration we ended up picking Thailand! But its massive! We can't nail down where we want to go exactly so I wanted to see if anyone here has had there honeymoon thier and has any recommendations or cities to stay and why? How long at once place? I don't like to Google stuff as I want real experience/stories!

So we like a mixture of things. She likes to relax pool jaccuzi beach but we both like activities. We would want stuff to dp activities to try new things. Temples, elephants all seem great and would love others. I want to do a little partying or atleast see/experience it. We want to try the food (scared lool) but ultimately want a luxurious honeymoon.

sticky topic? on 31st Aug there is the full moon party, I thought if we are there let's extend a day or so and see it since it's a once in a life time thing? Is it okay for a couple to attend? She's not much of a party person at all but I am! So she's taking one for the team and doesn't mind going ! But is it worth it? Safe? Etc?

She found and kind of liked karabi, Bangkok and plucket but nothing solid yet very open ATM. I wanted Chang mai but is it too far to fit in and enjoy / relax south and north? Time wise?. I wanted koh samui!

We have about 10 – 13 days depending of if we stay after the 31st for full moon party

If we don't go full moon we have about 11 days

If we go we have about 13-14 days !

Apologise for the long read, I just want it to be good! Tried fit everything in here so hope it's not to long.

Thanks in advance ! Xx

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