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Some suggestions of destination desperately needed

We are a 27F and 32M couple getting married in August. We either do our honeymoon in August or wait till April 2025. However, we are both catholic and would love to go to a country where we can practice our faith.

He hates any temperatures over 30⁰, he melts and sweats profusely when it's too hot. He hates crowds. I hate crowds sometimes, I love the heat and I hate the cold… Anything under 25⁰ is too cold for a summery enjoyable stay.

He loves to work out and enjoys a bit of culture. Good beer. Good food. Swimming pools etc. I love culture, wine, beaches, caves and lush greenery. But I can also appreciate a desert-like environment as I used to live in the hot Australian outback.

Any help. Any suggestions? It's too hard for me to think anymore.

Thank you !!!

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