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South Africa (again) or Thailand

So I'm trying to plan my honeymoon for late December/January, we are looking to spend about three weeks maybe four in either country. We currently reside in California. We have been to South Africa before and absolutely loved it, and have talked about returning for our honeymoon. But at the same time if we are spending the money to travel so far, why not try somewhere new, which is why I landed on Thailand. But after some research I'm a bit worried that since it will be busy season it may not be as enjoyable. Also the baht conversion for the USD is not nearly as great as the rand, and since we do have a budget it would be nice to take advantage of the exchange.

I guess what I'm looking for is your opinion on what we should do. I love south Africa I and I know of many different experiences that we didn't get to do the first time that I would love to do this time around. I'd say we are more adventurous people rather than relaxing on the beach people, though I do want to do that also. Maybe 30% city exploration, 20% beach, 50% adventures hikes, safaris, caves, boating, etc. Am I underestimating thailand? what adventures do you recommend for Thailand? I feel like most of what I've seen is just relax on the beach and visit the different temples, which don't get me wrong I have interest in. But I have been trying to find unique experiences that only exist in Thailand and haven't had too much success.

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