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South / Central America Honeymoon Location Recommendations?

Hi all – posted previously about honeymoon recommendations.

Previous post TLDR: We only have a week for the honeymoon because my fiance's schedule is tight and as we're both Indian, he has to use the first week of vacation for our wedding (multiple events / multiple days). For now, we've cut Africa off our list because we want to take the time to be there and enjoy the vacation properly without feeling rushed.

However, we're potentially considering a couple areas in Europe (Prague, Montenegro, Nice, etc.) but are more interested in potentially exploring South / Central America.

I know the time is limited so we wouldn't be bouncing around a bunch of countries or locations much – realistically I'd expect no more than 2 cities in the week we're there.

Love that countries in South America can give you the option for a tropical landscape, mountains, beaches, and cities (pending where you go).

Does anyone have any recommendations for which places are definitely good for honeymooners? Peru would be a dream but realistically we're not looking for a super athletic honeymoon as we're coming off a week of events. We also don't want to sit around and relax everyday either – a balance of both would be ideal for us.

Right now, we're considering:

  • Argentina (Buenos Aires + Mendoza) – open to alternative suggestions for cities
  • Guatemala (Lake Atilan Area) – open to alternative suggestions for cities
  • Chile (have yet to narrow down locations here but possibly Wine Country / Patagonia or the Lake District)

A couple extra details to note:

  • We're traveling early September
  • I'm vegetarian (not vegan!) – my fiance is not.

Would love any suggestions or recommendations!

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