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Spain/Barcleona + one other city?

Hello! My future husband (M30) and I (F27) are planning our honeymoon from October 7th-15th (8 days) 2022 in Spain. We are flying in and out of Barcelona so we will likely spend most of our time there. We enjoy food/drinks and a mix of adventure and relaxation. So far here is our rough itinerary, but neither of us are dead-set on this.

Arrive at noon on Fri (BARCELONA): check into hotel and grab some tapas (maybe food walking tour- suggestions for one?) then relax and have a late dinner

Saturday (BARCE): Tour Sagrada Familia or the Complete Gaudí Tour: Casa Batlló, Park Guell & Extended Sagrada Família

Sunday (BARCE): Beach day + dinner

Monday (BARCE): Paella making class

Tues: Travel to Seville

Wed: Seville

Thurs: Seville

Fri: Back to Barcelona

Sat: Leave at noon

My questions are:

  1. Do we skip Seville and just stay near Barcelona and do a day/night trip to Costa Brava and other surrounding areas?
  2. Should we head straight to Seville and make our way back to Barcelona?
  3. Any cool wineries we should hit around Barcelona?
  4. Any other suggestions?!

Thank you in advance!

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