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Spain honeymoon?

Hi all! I’m getting married in a couple months, but due to work schedules, my betrothed and I won’t be able to take our honeymoon until early April 2024. We want to go to Spain (would love southern Spain because I spent a year in Granada during college), but I’m lookin for recommendations/experiences from people who have spent their honeymoons in Spain!

We love exploring new cities, my fiancé is a huge food lover, and I don’t really feel on “vacation” unless I have spent a little time at a beach! We love cocktails and new foods and local culture. I also love to dance and we both love live music. I do speak Spanish, but it’s pretty rusty.

I was looking at Malaga and some of the smaller beach towns, as well, and they look absolutely breathtaking.

as an aside, I’m worried about people seeing us as “ugly Americans” and general safety.

Our budget is pretty flexible, probably around 10k.

Thanks so much in advance!

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