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Spain or Italy Honeymoon? Any advice or experiences to share?

My fiancé and I are planning a honeymoon for next summer, it would be mid-June 2022. We narrowed our ideas down to two options. We are hoping to spend about 12 days. We don't have any experience with traveling in Europe and are unsure of what our budget's should range should look like. As much as I am a girl that loves luxury, we aren't looking to spend top dollar for the best or most luxurious, but want to spend enough that we can stay in places that are nice/clean/comfortable- this is important. We could possibly splurge for a couple nights if the place was well worth it and a "must". We are also looking for a travel agent to help us book whatever location we choose.

The things we are looking for in our honeymoon would most importantly be relaxation, great food & drink and beautiful views. We are happy to do some walking and sightseeing but we do not want the majority of our trip to consist of this, as we are really looking forward to relaxing. We would consider renting a car but would be more comfortable with arranging transports from a hotel and airport and then staying somewhere where most things are centrally located.

The first option we had in mind is Spain. Specifically Barcelona (we would fly into here from the US), spend a few days and then spend the rest of the time in Majorca. We would love to have time to leisurely see both the countryside and one of the more relaxing beach areas as well. Our favorite "bubbly" is Cava Brut of Spain. It seems like a nice ode to celebrate our marriage by drinking our favorite bubbly at its source. Seeing olive and wine vineyards would be on our list here.

The second idea is a trip to Venice and Lake Como. I am not sure if this is even affordable to an average person as I've read Lake Como is the getaway spot of the rich and famous. We love the idea of romance that these locations depict. We love great views and Lake Como looks like something out of a fairytale.

Does anyone have any experiences or preferences when it comes to either trip idea?

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