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Spain September 2024

We just nailed down our honeymoon destination and decided on Spain! We will be spending 12 days (10 full days) there and will be arriving from New York City.

Our tentative plan is to spend 2 days in Madrid, 3 days in Ibiza, 5 days in Andalusia (Cadiz, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, maybe Malaga and Jaen?) and then fly back out from Madrid.

Our main goals: Eat lots of good food (maybe even 1 gastronomy restaurant if we can find a reservation), stroll aimlessly and go to the markets, spend lots of time at the beach, and an EDM party or two.

We want to spend no more than a day or so doing actual sightseeing (booking tickets/tours that sort of thing where we have to be on a strict schedule).

Would appreciate any advice regarding restaurants, stays, bars, places to see, and travel advice in general! Is it logical to go from Madrid —> Ibiza —> Andalusia —> Madrid? Any suggestions for a better route? Any adjustments I should make to the amount of time we’re spending in each place? Is 5 days in Andalusia or 3 days in Ibiza too much?

Would appreciate any and all advice! Thank you!

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