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St Lucia adults-only all-inculusive thoughts?

My future wife and I are set on St Lucia being our honeymoon destination. We originally planned for it to be our first trip as a couple but it was a bit pricier than we hoped, so we ended up in Mexico instead. Since then it's always been at the top of our list.

Our budget is flexible but I'd say give or take $10,000 preferably on the take side.

As far as what we like, we are both very chill people. We want the all-inclusive so that we can just relax, not worry about finding meals and have a few drinks. We are looking for relaxed and romantic vibes.

I've never been to a Sandals but like the idea of literally everything being included, not having to worry about tipping and once again just making things as simple and easy as possible. I am slightly nervous that they may be a bit on the commercialized side though? Not sure how to explain what I mean, more or less, taking you away from the feeling that your in paradise.

Lastly, the only other requirements would be access to beach and a closed off room. I know some of the higher-end hotels have open walls in the bedroom and that's not really our style. We also would like something with slightly above standard all-inclusive food. We don't need 5 star steak dinners, but somewhere that the food is good and with variety.

After some research, my thoughts were on Sandals Halcyon or La Toc because they seem to fit the more chill vibes we are looking for over the Grande, but I'm open to all suggestions! Thank you all!

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