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St.Lucia Honeymoon

My Fiancé and I are planning a honeymoon for June 2024 in St. Lucia. We really like the StolenTime by Rendezvous resort, Sandals Grande, and Calabash Cove. It's all inclusive, fits our budget, and has a lot of things we're looking for. We are mostly looking for places that has romance, fun things to do, but also time to retreat when we want some privacy like a private pool, we do want to experience a butler but not a deal breaker. It’s our honeymoon so we want to experience things/splurge on things we wouldn’t normally do. Has anyone ever stayed at these places before? Have you used a travel agent to book your honeymoon because honestly it’s getting overwhelming a little bit. Any advice or recommendations? Perhaps reasons to avoid?

Also if you have other places to recommend they are welcomed.

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