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St. Lucia Honeymoon Planning


My fiancé and I are getting married in September 2024 and want to plan our honeymoon for October or December preferably (he is a teacher and these are really the only times where he doesn’t have to use his entire PTO bank to take time off).

After much research, we are looking at St. Lucia for our honeymoon, but not sure where to stay. We initially were looking at staying at a Sandals resort, but I think we are more interested in the boutique/smaller resorts as compared to staying at a more corporate/chain resort.

We are looking at a trip for 5-7 nights, with a budget of ideally <$8k with flights.

Must Haves: -Decent room, ideally with a nice view -Good food, ideally with multiple options or rotating menu with one restaurant -All inclusive would be ideal -Access to beach and water -Excursions/trips out of the resort easily accessible -Reasonably close to airport

Open to recommendations, these are the resorts we’ve looked at so far that seem to possibly fit the bill – any reviews/opinions on these are appreciated!

*Ladera Resort *StolenTime *WindJammer Resort *Coconut Bay *Calabash Cove *Stonefield Resort

Sugar Beach would be amazing, but unfortunately out of our budget.

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