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St Lucia Honeymoon Resort Recommendation

Hi! Me and my fiancé are looking at St Lucia for our honeymoon. We'd like a resort that is romantic, that has many amenities and very good food. (The food is very important to me) I am looking for a modern hotels/villas. Our wedding is in November 3th 2023. We’d like the honeymoon to be in the month of November but we are open on postponing the honeymoon until April if the price is better between those months. We are thinking of a week for a honeymoon. Please let me know of your recommendations and the average price for each. Thank you in advance! My budget is 8k for everything, flights, resort, activities, etc. But I do want to get the best price as possible if we could be in the 5k range that’d be amazing. Please let me know of your recommendations and the average price.

I've been looking at (order of most liked to least)

Sandals Grande


Zoetry Marigot Bay St Lucia

Serenity at Coconut bay

Food is very important to me, if you could let me know how good or bad the food is on each of those and any other recommendation.

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