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St. Lucia trip idea

Struggling to try and figure out how to plan our honeymoon as it comes up in a few months but let me know if this sounds like a good plan. I’m open to all suggestions. Roughly a 10k budget

Sunday- Wednesday at Serenity @ coconut bay – we wanted to stay here all week but it appears as if they do not have rooms the later half of the week. I have emailed to see if there’s anything possibly left. – spend 3 days here relaxing after the wedding.

Wednesday- Saturday at Rabot hotel (purchase all inclusive package) – during our stay here we would look for more activities and excursions. -I know the least about this hotel so please any additional info would be great.

Also considering: either partial or full week at Anse Chastanet. We really wanted to commit to staying here but I keep seeing mixed reviews. If anyone has info on this and could advise on a couple in their twenties staying here or not that would be great.

Excursions: would love to hear some ideas and “must do’s”. Also if you could give an idea on prices for these that would be extremely helpful. Is it better to book excursions through resort?

Would love to stay at least a few nights at jade mountain but it appears as if it’s out of our budget…

Would love recommendations on any of these places, also would love to hear if all inclusive packages would be worth it. We are big time foodies and enjoy cocktails. Just wanting to know if eating off resorts/ other resorts was a better idea.

Thanks in advance!

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