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St. Lucia vs Costa Rica Honeymoon trip

Hi! I am debating whether to go to St. Lucia or Costa Rica for my honeymoon. I have researched both but can't decide between the two. St. Lucia is known for being more romantic and honeymoon-like but is a 10 hr flight for me and my husband (We live in Houston) while Costa Rica is a 3-4 hr flight and has similar-like activities.

So as far as I've researched they both have pretty beaches, fun activities (like ATV rides, catamaran rides, mud baths, they do chocolate tours.)

The exceptions are Costa Rica has Hot Springs and St. Lucia doesn't but the resort I want in St. Lucia is all Inclusive and the one in Costa Rica is not.

To be precise, I'm looking at Serenity @ Coconut Bay in St. Lucia and Tabacon Thermal Resort & Spa for Costa Rica.

Please tell me your thoughts and recommendations of both and please include as much info as possible (activities, food, treatment, all pros and cons)

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