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I made a post before about where to go either Maldives and St.Lucia, and we got recommended to check Costa Rica out. Well, we decided to do that BUUUUT THERE'S SO MUCH TO SEEE!!!!

Either way, I need help making an itinerary (if you have been in CR or know about the country).

Our budget is 7.5k without flight and food (I've seen most places are only breakfast included which we are fine with that)

  • We are planning on staying 10 days or 8 depending what we do.
  • Half of the trip we want to do activities: see the animals, see waterfalls, going to the hot springs, horse riding, fishing, river safari, coffee and chocolate tour and the hanging bridges. We don't want to do rafting or zip-line.
  • The other half of the trip we basically want to relax. For this we want to go somewhere with luxury and have our own plunge pool, have spa and snorkeling and low key honeymoon activities.
  • places to stay I've seen:
    • We are between Nayara vs Tabacon for La Fortuna area
    • My fiance loves Casa Chameleon and it will be a nice place if we decided to do our luxury part of the trip near the beach, but if we select this we won't be able to select Nayara since they are both pricey.
    • We are basically want only two places to stay but I have a feeling that would be hard since we want to see: hot spring, wildlife and beach.

I am so excited for this trip but so stressed to figure out this itinerary.

Thanks for any help in advance 🙂

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