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Struggling to narrow down a place to Honeymoon after a wedding in Portugal?

Hello! My fiance and I are getting married in Portugal in July 2023 and we're struggling to narrow down on a place to honeymoon (we lIve in the US). I'm gradually building PTO where I should have about 3 weeks to spend in total between the wedding and the honeymoon…so approximately 1 week before to finalize everything before the wedding and the rest of the time for the honeymoon itself, so roughly 2 weeks.

We're looking for something that's relaxing and has some nice beaches, has fun excursions but nothing too tiring (not too much walking or hills). We also want something that wouldn't be too much planning. For example, we thought about choosing Italy but figured it would be a lot to plan for given how much there is to see and do. So far we've been to Greece, most parts of Portugal and Thailand and Paris.

Some places we are thinking about are:

Croatia Bali Maldives South of France Italy Turkey

We're also open to doing a minimoon instead of a bigger honeymoon…but something close to us since we're already in Portugal would be ideal. Currently we don't have a budget finalized yet. What would be some good places that would fit what we're looking for?

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